Activities and Working zone

ACTIVITIES OF PEEP the focal activity of the organization is the free educational programme carried out in the colonies itself. Every day, for two hours, classes are held. A distinct syllabus has been prepared which include both regular subject s and general subject. Currently PEEP runs 50 such centers in Malappuram, Wayanad and kannur districts. Now five hundred children are educated throught these centres. Other than this PEEP arranges hostel facilities for deserving students and gives support for their higher studies after S.S.L.C.

In the area of health camps and eye camps are conducted. We assist in providing free cataract surgeries to the people. So far we have organized health camps and eye camps. In collaboration with Comtrust Eye Hospital, Calicut we have carried out 82 cataract operations and distributed 320 spectacles. On a regular basis we carry out distribution of essential medicines and dress material in all colonies where we have roots. Awareness generation regarding various social problems such as alcoholism, betel chewing etc is another area where the organization concentrates its attention. A street play against alcoholism was prepared in the Paniya language and it was staged in many colonies. This year we intend to stage it very intensively.

Last year, a programme to promote kitchen garden was launched among this group. The main objective of was to augment self-sufficiency among them. 350 families got its benefits. The organization supplied various seeds and the people were encouraged to plant them in their courtyard. We also provide aid for group paddy cultivation in leased land. This year we have published a book enlite ‘ Nanaka ippi malena makka” highlighting the cultural heritage of paniya Tribe.

PEEP aim to organize social awareness and advancement of the group in the coming years. In this journey the organization requires human and economic resources. For this we need generous contributions from the part of all good hearted people. We solicit such helps from you and your friends in these genuine endeavors.